Love The Toy – Student Film for SCAD Film & Television MFA program.

30 second short film about love. Marty came up with the concept. I came up with the scenario. Together we had 30 seconds, an adorable star, a beautiful costar, and Thomas The Tank as our prop. For cinematography I really wanted to try out the motion filming at high frame rates so the camera team shot our 16mm at 70fps. With the unlicensed dreamy clip from Spiritualized as a soundtrack, I think the timing of this brief moment came together. It was a cold January morning when we filmed this, and with the sun angling in from the southern hemisphere we got a nice bounce light off of all the buildings and walls. Our characters have a nice glow from that January sunlight which was totally luck on the day and not anything we planned for. Thank God.



Colin Martin
Josi Demere

Trevor Jenkins

Martin Hogan
Trevor Jenkins

Maura Maddy Nevell

Michael Hofstein

Features a sample of “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating Into Space” by Spiritualized