Focus Lab Culture Video | “Let”s go downtown”, Neil Young echoes over a big wooly mass of sound thundered by Jack Iron‘s tribal drumming.  It’s 1995.  Eddie Vedder’s away in “time out” to regroup and recover.   The other members of Pearl Jam are wondering what the future holds.  And that’s when the wizard Neil Young offers to take the band on tour.  It’s that cathartic moment in every hero’s journey (as laid out by Joseph Campbell) when the wise sage comes in and shapes a samurai!  Making Focus Lab’s 90 second culture spot has been like that moment when Neil Young took Pearl Jam out on tour with him in 1996!  They became a better band because of it.  They taught each other new things.  And the epic album ‘Mirrorball’ was conceived.

Focus Lab we are beyond thankful for you being our ‘Neil Young’ this spring in 2014.  We are grateful for everything you have taught us and the opportunity to hang and be with your community at your beautiful ‘downtown’ headquarters in Savannah, GA, and beyond.   Thank you for inspiring and teaching us to never stop learning.  If the folks in Focus Lab ever wonder what the future holds, it is most likely the fruit of love, for their people, their work and all the blessings bestowed upon them.  As for our future, “The fruit of love was in the future around the corner and over the hill.” – Act Of Love, Neil Young Mirrorball 1995



NOTE: 90 second video designed, shot and produced to give a glimpse into the Focus Lab culture.  Neil Young ‘Mirrorball’ and Focus Lab were metaphorically put together for the purposed of this blog post.  Thank you.