CROSSFIT STEADFAST | There was a lot of Jack London influence floating around the studio this winter.  Shelly wrote the above quote on the board, and with that “call to action” we embarked on new projects.  One of which was this culture spot for CrossFit SteadFast,   “The box” has grown substantially as a business and community during these past two years.  Since our previous video in 2012 the gym space has doubled in size, attendance and coaches.  Brian and Sabrina (owners) also welcomed Asher, a new beautiful baby boy into their family last month!  Congratulations CrossFit SteadFast on two-years of goal-setting, fellowship, hard work, outreach, perseverance, endurance, love and remarkable growth!



Paul Davis came to town from Guatemala last fall and dropped off a beautiful notepad ( That pad has been the site of many notes and inspirations.  A poem came to mind that involved a play on words for ‘pushers’ and ‘hustlers’.   That was our start.   The piece took on a life of its own when we did our ‘think tank’ as a team and fleshed out the poem, crafting it into the voice over you hear.  Harvey Gold in Vancouver dropped the VO.  Trevor has spent a lot of time at “the box” over the last two years absorbing the culture.   Most of our team at 98 are not “crossfitters” and see the experience objectively.  The subjective / objective mix of opinions enabled a more fluid translation of the inward experience to the outside world.



Below is a video of rough sketches with a stand-in voice over for timing and pace (no worries Trevor will not be pursuing a VO career anytime soon:). After the script was laid down this rough mock-up was the next step in the evolution of the video. This enables our team to tweak the shot list and script prior to production, plus get a sense of what’s working and what’s not.  At our studio a video travels down the pipeline through many eyes and ears as we pull all the elements into a cohesive whole.  Each member is a part of the creative process.  It is not always easy collaborating in a team, but we are grateful for it.  The process delivers unexpected challenges and rewarding results.  Thank you to all crossfitters who participated in our video.