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Monkey said,”Share your spaceship. The journey will be more.”

CREATIVE SOUTH | Many moons ago, in a reprieve from the ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ animal that became my mind, I looked outside at this Monkey statue.  Perched in the lush courtyard known as the ‘Om Garden'; the Monkey statue spoke to me and said “Share your spaceship.  The journey will be more.”  No really, I swear I’ve got my mind back.  The monkey statue sat outside ‘The Bunker': the shoebox studio apartment where the 98 adventure took flight.

On ‘throwback thursday’ prior to departure for Creative South, I posted these old images of the Monkey statue.  It wasn’t until we returned from our amaze-balls weekend in Columbus that I realized some connection.  The adventure happened between Michelle, Jeannette, myself, our super Clients the Focus Lab LLC, and everyone in existence at the conference.  The journey becomes more, with people.  The journey becomes more when it is shared.  All things are not owned by any one individual.  They are given gifts and the more you give them away the more you receive.

And man, there were so many soulful presentations given by top designers that our minds were blown.  We felt as though our trip to Columbus was like the cathartic trip up the mountain and back.  Receiving direction from the ancient masters.  We made the ‘Monkey: Journey to the West‘.  It feels great to be in beta.  It feels amazing to be a student: to be learning and growing continuously.  To be curious.

The best part of the weekend for me, like the 98 adventure itself, is sharing it with the people I work with: the team, the Clients and everyone we meet in between.  Connecting.  I loved taking walks outside the conference and meeting people in Columbus.  I loved meeting the kids who were holding a car wash fundraiser up the block from our hotel.  Just trying to think of the creative possibilities they experience moment to moment in this fluctuating world is stammering.  I pray they live to experience the truth that “Everything in life that matters requires risk.”  This shared enlightenment came across in several presenters.

One blog entry cannot contain all the inspiration, advice and wisdom that was shared throughout the weekend.  Here are four brief insights that resonate with us:

1. “Ideas come from participation in the outside world.” – Ben Jenkins, OFB

2. “Make friends everywhere.” – Helena Price

3. “Work to live, don’t live to work.” – Erik Reagan, Focus Lab LLC

4. “Flow is the state of doing what you were made to do.” – Ben Jenkins, OFB


Saturday morning car wash Columbus, GA.


We thank Ben Jenkins for the Warstic bat he signed ‘Keep Fast’.  Many challenges come in which you must ‘keep fast’.  Life is life it is not ideal and that’s a blessing.  This bat reminds us to smash away the obstacles that threaten to keep us from doing the important things in life, like spending time with those we love, enjoying each moment, and being of maximum service to the world.


We made a hoop video at Chef Lee’s Parking Lot in Columbus, GA.

Thank you Creative Coast for an amazing experience.  We highly recommend this event to anyone seeking insight and inspiration for life.  “Share your spaceship.  The Journey will be more.”


Monkey statue in the “Om Garden.”